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My Last Eyeball

Glitz, glamour and giant fish surrounded my colleagues and I at our last Eyeball together. This year, Eyeball was hosted at the Shedd Aquarium. The vast venue and the tanks of tons of fish made for a cool and unique spot.

Our eye school formal started at 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday evening. Upon arrival via Uber with my friends, we took brisk pictures outside before walking inside to mingle and explore with drinks in hand. When cocktail hour wound down, we had our fill of fish-watching and candid photo-taking in the Oceanarium and Amphibian rooms. Then, we headed into the Caribbean Reef where more tanks and dinner awaited us.

My fellow fourth years and I were seated in close proximity near the entrance to the dinner hall. The dinner tables were beautifully set and, with our name place cards added, looked very classy. Between our excited conversations about graduating and our discussions about who was wearing what (sequins and all black was the trend of the night,) the mediocre meal wasn’t too bad, after all.

Dinner was followed by dessert and then the dance floor was opened. Awards were given for Colleague of the Year, and we grouped together for photo booth shots captioned “Eyeball 2016.” By the stroke of midnight, the event was over, and what a lovely last Eyeball it was!


Adorable penguins and this brilliantly colored jellyfish


With my best friends of these four ICO years 



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