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NBEO Part 3, the Mother of all Practicals

Two done, one to go!

Several weeks ago, I traveled with a handful of my classmates to North Carolina to take Part 3 of our board exams. Unlike Part 1, which we took in March, and Part 2, which we will take in a a couple of days in December (yikes!), Part 3 can be taken on a multitude of dates throughout the academic year. Finishing up Part 3 was exciting- just one more exam and then we’re all done with exams and even closer to that glorious end-point.

Part 3 is akin to practical exams at ICO. Objectives for skills are provided and tasks are grouped together into different stations. I spent the bulk of the weeks leading up to Part 3 reviewing highlighted notes and practicing with classmates. When the fateful day arrived, we were all butterflies and jitters. In Charlotte, we stayed at the Hyatt House which was just a five minute walk to the testing site. At the testing center, we were able to play with all of the equipment and tools we would be using during the exam, which was most helpful.

Hours later, when I reached the end of my final station, I felt relief. A weight was taken off my chest. Finally, the mother of all practicals was over.


With my ICO colleagues all smiles post exam

Traveling to Charlotte to take this practical was nerve-racking, but traveling with friends was enjoyable. Before and after the exam, we got to explore the little downtown and somewhat enjoy our stay in Uptown Charlotte.


Deliciousness. Left: Lunch at Mimosa Grill. Right: Gelato from Bar Cocoa

IMG_6547 (1)

Streetcar making Charlotte look like San Francisco


Bechtler Museum of Modern Art


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