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Now What? NBEO Part I is Finally Over

Part 1 of NBEO boards is officially over! After a few months of nonstop studying, we third years are free. We have one last quarter left in Chicago with our entire class. What do we do now?

First, we are not done studying quite yet. We have four different classes: Strabismus management/treatment, Business, Injections, and Lasers. The business class is filled with presentations to teach us how to find jobs, write a resume, get licensed, and open/run a successful practice.

With the last two classes, there are associated labs. We will be learning how to perform various injections around the eye and well as in the arm. We will also be learning how to perform minor procedures in this class such as suturing. As for laser lab, we will be learning about different laser treatments that ophthalmologists perform. One day, optometrists in Illinois may be allowed to perform them, too! We already had the first lab for lasers, which consisted of us creating two flaps- one by using alcohol and another by using a microkeratome. We then took our eye and performed LASIK on it.

Second, we only have about 6 weeks left before our first externship site. Therefore, it is crunch time. We have to figure out housing, fill out any paperwork we have neglected, etc. We need to choose what to keep and what to post on ICO Marketplace (a Facebook sales group just for our school.)

Third, we only have about 6 weeks left with our classmates. This means we need to make some lasting memories with the people that have been by our side these past three years. These years have not been easy, and we could not have gotten through it were it not for our peers. So, now, instead of quizzing each other about ocular anatomy or optics or pharmacology, we now need to explore Chicago one more time together. After all, once externships begin, that next and last time we may all be in the same room is when we graduate!

Time flew before NBEO part 1. Hopefully, it slows down these next few weeks. There are many things to do before we leave, and even more things to eat, so expect to see a few food blogs soon!


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