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Picking Up Where We Left Off

Returning to campus on last week was nothing short of difficult. It was a challenge to say goodbye to all the amusements and celebrations of break, the long days spent getting some much needed R and R, and the late nights doing everything but studying. Walking back into the RC was made brighter by seeing the faces of colleagues and roommates with a similar disposition and an equal lack of productivity over break. And a bowl of Hershey’s kisses and hugs at the front desk that embraced us with sweetness.

Last Monday picked up where our last Friday together left off. The morning brought the early commitment of PAP observations in Primary Care Suite 1, which was slower than usual for me. I normally have PAP observations on Saturdays, but had switched days with a classmate for the week. This was followed by a string of classes in a five-hour block. We’re currently six weeks into winter quarter with five more to go before our next milestone is passed. In just two weeks we’ll be having our first Optometry Procedures Lab Practical (yikes!). It’s a pretty inclusive exam that will assess our skills in 9 procedures from the challenging Direct Ophthalmoscopy to the often intriguing Cover Test. Between learning boundless amounts of ocular anatomy information and preparations of our Optometry Procedures Lab Practical, our evenings and nights promise to be as busy as ever.


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