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Living in the fast-paced city of Chicago always makes each day fun and exciting. Living in the fast-paced city of Chicago as a student at ICO makes each day fly by, with almost every minute taken by school activities. When you have a free moment, you always fill it with something fun. You can get a taste of the city by enjoying a nice meal or going on a nighttime adventure illuminated by the skyscraper ambiance.

Now that the class of 2019 has completed its first professional year, we are in the ‘in-between’ stage. We are no longer the new, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pupils. Instead, we have become next in line for the title of ‘second years.’ What do we do with our time in the intermediate stage? After battling an intense journey through first year, we recuperate and enjoy the change.


For me, reconnecting with a more peaceful, slower paced lifestyle seems like the best use of my time. There is not a lot of greenery in the city, so finding a state park close to home reconnected me with the natural beauty of my hometown. As a first year, I never would check the weather forecast; I knew I would be enclosed by walls, studying, or going to class. Now, as I relish in the summer days, I am lucky to enjoy the unpredictability of what each day brings, rain or shine.

I find myself enjoying the little things more, as well. With all the hours of free time during this last and final summer, I have been so excited to eat home-cooked meals, soak up the sun rays (wearing sunglasses of course), and even do everyday activities like get a fresh hair cut, go grocery shopping, or see a movie. This may sound ridiculous, but every meal tastes a little sweeter and every grocery trip feels a little more like a luxury than a chore.

My adorable parents

My adorable parents

It is easy to get caught up in yourself, stress, and become impersonal when you have no time to sort your thoughts and ideas. You’re too busy trying to study and keep up for the next test, assessment, or event. As I spend my days at a more peaceful, inspirational pace, I hope to carry this attitude all the way into my second professional year.

To all those in the hustle and bustle of things, those who are struggling, those who have lost, those who have gained, and those who are in that ‘in-between’ phase, may you find a different rhythm that leads you to your next adventure, and may you find peace of mind with each day passing.


A Change of Pace


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