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RC Events: Chicago Bulls

It has been about four months since I’ve moved into the RC, and I can honestly say that this place is starting to feel like home.

I originally signed up to live here because I knew that living across the street from school with my classmates would have advantages. At the time, however, I could not have predicted how comforting it would be to lethargically cross the street at the end of a 6-hour day and immediately collapse into my bed. Or, how sneaking into a friends room to swap/share/steal candy would become a favorite daily ritual. Or, that I would have a massive alarm clock malfunction on the morning of my Visual Fields test check off, wake up only 10 minutes before it began, and still make it on time (phew!)

Forming study groups and bouncing ideas off of each other is remarkably easy thanks to dorm life. And when we are not studying, watching my goofball friends become overly intense while playing ping-pong in the RC lobby (and occasionally committing social suicide by trying to play myself) has lead to many hilarious moments. These days, the holiday decor inside the building has added a nice touch to our home, as well.

One of the best things that the RC has to offer, though, is its events for residents. This past weekend, my fellow classmates and I had the chance to go see a Chicago Bulls basketball game. Being the die-hard Bulls fan that I am, I jumped on this opportunity.

Introducing my out-of-town friends to my favorite players was an exciting moment for me. Part of the beauty of sports is the intimacy of it. Being able to share some facts about Derrick Rose while pointing at him as he dribbled the ball up and down the court felt like introducing somebody to a piece of the heart and soul of Chicago. Similarly, I couldn’t help but smile as my classmates appreciated the statue of Michael Jordan located outside of the United Center. Call me cheesy, but Chicago basketball fans will understand.

There is a certain camaraderie that comes with the game, much like how there is a certain camaraderie between ICO students.  Being a first year, it’s not too often that we are able to go out and enjoy the true Chicago. I’m so happy that I chose to live in the RC, and that my friends were able to witness a part of this city that I love most. After all, there is only so much Giordano’s pizza that I can push on a person!

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ICO at the Madhouse on Madison


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