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School Again

I had last week off from school to celebrate Thanksgiving and returned home to spend time with my family, eat delicious food and do some shopping. Prior to Turkey Day, I was reluctant to break up the relaxation period with schoolwork, so I didn’t hit the books much, studying just a little every other day. I got around to studying more diligently after Thursday. Although since we’ve only had a week of classes this quarter thus far, the coursework hadn’t piled up yet and by Monday morning, I was back on top of my game.

I’m loving how jewelry with glasses are on-trend and in stores.

During break, some of my closest friends from grade school and I celebrated marriage and love at the wedding of one our friends. When Sunday came around, I returned to campus, tackled some more studies and spent a few necessary hours catching up with my roommates and friends.

With the holidays around the corner, the Residential Complex hosted a holiday decorating party with cookies and eggnog on Monday night. The RC is also having a door decorating contest and my roommates and I have started decorating our door. But while there are many outlets for fun inside and outside of the RC, there is always a reason to be studious. Our exams begin next week along with the unrelenting regular assessments. Good luck to us all!

The beginnings of door decorating

Tools we’ll be using in optometry lab this week


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