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Second Year So Far…

If I had to sum up my first year in one short story line, it would go something like below:

Packed my life away in two suitcases –> Happy I got here –> Super excited for orientation –> Exhausted after orientation –> Excited for first day –> Already behind on third day –> Excited to get equipment and learn what to do –> Freak out over practicals –>  Freak out over finals –> Repeat between catching up and freaking out over exams –> WOOHOO SUMMER!! I SURVIVED FIRST YEAR!

So… what’s second year like?

School started August 13, and our first exam wasn’t until August 30. I remember in first year, we had at least two or three exams every week. Yes, you read it right the first time, every week (excluding holidays). So far, we have at most two exams each week, with a decent gap in between (at least 1 day apart, or a weekend). We also got new patio furniture outside our library, so even studying didn’t feel as stressful under the sun. I feel like second year started out extremely relaxed…

…Until we got our ocular physiology quiz. With regards to the level of difficulty of exams in second year, the picture below sums up the thoughts of Class 2015 pretty accurately:

Aside from that, I believe that second year is still definitely a wonderful upgrade from first year: less class time, more sleep, more time to study, more time to enjoy hobbies etc. To further illustrate what I mean by that, I am currently working five jobs, while also dedicating my time to the Neuro-Optometric-Rehabilitation Association’s Student group (SNORA), and I still find time to study and have fun. I didn’t feel like I had the luxury to do very much in first year.

Therefore, if you feel like you’re drowning in assignments/exams and don’t have time for student clubs, or extra-credit courses, there is definitely light at the end of the first year tunnel. However, due to the intense amount of studying first years do, I wouldn’t be surprised if they all have to enjoy second year with progressively higher glasses prescriptions (I know my class did).


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