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Ten Reasons Why I Chose Optometry

I focused only on optometry throughout my undergrad schooling. Luckily, it all paid off! I’m heading to Chicago to kick off my first year of optometry school. As I begin my adventure, I just thought I would share some of my motivating factors as to why I want to be an optometrist.

  1. Waking up in the morning knowing I’m going to help people see — Putting my glasses on every morning is something that still brings a smile to my face. I want to make other people experience this feeling every day. Placing a lens in front of somebody’s eye so they can see the letter on the other side of the room is all the happiness I will need. I want to help people realize that, when they look up at trees, there are individual leaves rather than what looks like giant blobs of green.

  2. The look on one’s face or the chuckle they give when they experience improved vision — Honestly, I do this firsthand! It’s a sad moment when my optometrist asks to take my glasses away; I feel like I enter this world of blurriness. I already miss my glasses after 5 seconds. Then, a giant letter across the room appears and I can’t make it out. I feel a bit of embarrassment. All of the sudden, a big contraption is put in front of me and I am able to see it without any problems at all. This is when the chuckle comes out, because in my mind I’m thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe I couldn’t read that huge letter.” I want to hear people chuckle or see that look on their face when they are able to see again.

  3. Working with people — Ever since I started thinking about which occupation I could do for the rest of my life, I knew I wanted to be helping people. I knew a job in healthcare was for me. Working with the public is definitely fulfilling and keeps you on your toes. There is such a wide variety of personalities out there. I could be learning something new every day from my patients, just as they may learn a few things from me.

  4. Having an impact on people’s lives — There are those individuals who are very thankful for the services provided. It can be very scary when something gets in your eye. However, no worries- your optometrist is there to save the day! The people who notice our hard work will give an me extra boost and some reassurance that this optometry is where I belong.

  5. Meeting new people are creating new relationships — It’s simply amazing to me how each one of us has our own unique, individual story. I love it when people tell me random things about themselves or something that they experienced. For one, them opening up means that they trust me. Also, it’s incredible what you will have in common with others. Hearing other people’s stories makes us a little more grateful for what we have.

  6. Being a leader — I’m excited to be the one making decisions. I love showing people the ropes and having others trust me. It’s not about telling others what to do. In optometry, it’s all about the patient.  They are the driving force behind this career. I am willing to help them in any way that I can, as every leader should.

  7. Always something new to learn — Technology is always advancing. Keeping the same resources for an extended period of time will become outdated. I plan to always be open to new things so I will always be able to advance my knowledge as an optometrist. How boring would life be if we did not continuously learn?

  8. Eyes are our most dominant sense and the coolest thing ever There is so much science going on behind the eyeball! Also, it’s crazy how simply placing a lens in front of our eyes can make everything clear. I love watching the beautiful sunsets that Mother Nature creates, or taking in the view from on top of a mountain. There are so many things that everyone should see, and I cannot wait to make that possible with optometry.

  9. Being the cool doctor you actually want to go to — Secretly, we all have our favorite doctor that we don’t mind visiting and catching up with. There’s nothing I would enjoy more than being the ‘cool’ doctor to many children.

  10. Different modes of practice in a growing field — Optometry is a field that is expected to continuously grow. It’s very reassuring. I’m still not sure of all of the possibilities and areas of practice I can do once I graduate, but I cannot wait to learn about all of them. From traveling with the military to opening my own private practice, I want to know all of my choices.

I can’t wait to learn everything about this wonderful career in the great city of Chicago.  What could be any better than that?


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