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The Blue Angels are Here! The Blue Angels are Here!

In class today, a loud roaring noise took over the Lecture Center. This noise drowned out the professor and had everybody looking at each other in confusion. The sound lasted for only a few seconds, and was gone as quickly as it had arrived. That kind of sound can be made by a jet engine found on planes. I assumed it was a low flying airliner trying to get to Midway Airport, but when I walked outside, I looked up to see two royal blue F-18s with yellow trim and U.S. NAVY painted beneath the wings. The Blue Angels are here!

My inner twelve year old came out. I rushed across the street and climbed the stairs to the top of the RC in hopes of seeing them pass by again. My hustle was rewarded when they flew by once. I waited a little while and they passed by again. I waved frantically and had a smile from ear to ear. Man, the Blue Angels are awesome! …but then I remembered why they are here.

This weekend is the Chicago Air and Water Show. The show goes from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It is free to watch and the show is centered around North Ave. Beach. To see the boat show, North Ave. Beach is the place to be. However, the air show can be seen from miles north and south.

If anybody reading this has not been to an air show before, I strongly insist on going to this show. To watch pilots laugh in the face of gravity can bring wonder and awe to anyone. The main headliner is the Blue Angels, and believe me when I say that they perform the most incredible acrobatics and maneuvers that seem to defy all logic and reason. For Cubs fans, David Ross will parachute with the U.S. Army Golden Knights. The show’s website has more details.

There is a small conflict of interest with the show and ICOlympics happening on the same weekend. Luckily, the Chicago Air and Water show lasts for two days and ICOlympics is only on Saturday. Those ambitious enough can do both!


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