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The Last Post: Graduation

The last few weeks at ICO are bittersweet. At some (or all) times, it’s a mix of feelings: exciting, overwhelming, sad. The Class of 2018 is almost done. We have finished our classes, clinical care, and just need to walk across the stage to get our diplomas. To say the class of 2018 is excited would be an understatement. We are ready to go off into the real world or residency. We are excited to start making money. Some of us are even excited to take a month off and travel.

Karaoke to start the week off right

These last four years have created a friendship that will compare to no other. We’ve been through a lot together- from first year, when we had 3 exams a week, plus lab quizzes or practicals, to second year, when we started taking care of our patients, to third year studying for NBEO, and finally, fourth year externships. Graduation will unite us one last time. For most, we are permanently leaving ICO, only to return for reunions and Homecoming, if that. The good news is, as we scatter across North America, we have tons of places and people to see.

This week is a celebration of finishing what we began 4 years ago. It is also a time for goodbyes to our best friends. We are officially doctors, ready to begin the rest of our lives; I wouldn’t do this week with anyone else. This week entails a boat cruise, a day of awards and final talks, and then graduation at the Symphony Center. On Saturday, May 19, 2018, you’ll have a few extra eye doctors to choose from… and they are some of the finest this world has to offer.

Since I am graduating, this will be my last post. Unfortunately, it isn’t about food. If you want to keep reading what I keep writing, check out because I’m taking over that blog! It has been a pleasure writing for ICO and I will definitely miss writing (and eating) for all of you.


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