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The Money Making Class

The first book I bought for Optometry school

Second year is here. With a quick review of all the tests and tricks we learned last year, we are ready to learn even more. While we have started learning about near vision, binocular vision, etc., there is one class that I think all Optometrists should be excited to take. I call it the Money Making Class.

Now, you may be wondering, “What is the Money Making Class? Do we learn how to print the greens and the loonies (we can’t exclude the Canadians)?” No, the Money Making Class is also known as the Ophthlamic Optics Course taught for the first time by Dr. Goodfellow. I call it the Money Making Class because a lot of the money that we will hopefully one day make (dang loans!) will come from the sales of glasses in our future offices.

Face Shapes and Glasses Guidelines

So far, we have learned all about the anatomy of glasses (I mean spectacles, as we optometrists like to say.) We have learned about the different types of materials the frames can be, and the lenses, and which glasses should be used for Dress glasses, Athletic glasses, or Safety glasses. I can tell you when the MRP and OC should be aligned, and calculate an image jump (However, I haven’t even taken this exam yet, so maybe give me a few more weeks before asking.) We even talk about the shape of someone’s head and which glasses we should give the person. Round glasses on a round face? Big no no!

Unfortunately, reading teen magazines didn’t help me that much; I still find it hard matching a shape to a face. With a little bit of practice, I’m sure I could get an article into Cosmo telling women all around the world what type of glasses are best for them! The bright side is, if I don’t become the next big fashion editor, I know I will be ok because I took the Money Making Class.

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