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The Northman: A Cider for Everyone

The Northman is located on 4337 N. Lincoln Ave, across from the Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. It is a tiny place on the corner with a very hipster vibe. The atmosphere was rustic, with old photos and belt-driven fans. The bar is first come, first serve, but they also have booths and high tables. You’ll probably have to put your name down and wait outside. We didn’t end up waiting for long, and we will definitely be going back soon.


The Northman is the first cider bar in Chicago, and they mean a Cider Bar! There are close to a hundred different types of ciders, iced ciders, cider speciality drinks, bottles, and drafts. Some of the ciders are from Midwestern states. Others come from different countries. Picking your first cider can be challenging, but they make it helpful by bringing over a sample of the bar’s house cider. Depending on how you like it, they will make a few recommendations. Personally, I like the semi-dry ciders, but my favorite ended up being a semi-sweet English Cider called Thatcher’s Gold made in Somerset.

The food looked and smelled delicious, but we didn’t have any. We went to The Northman right after watching The Jungle Book at AMC’s dine-in theater. (Off topic, but if you haven’t been to this theater, it is a must!) We decided we’d have to go back; I’m sure a cider would go great with The Northman’s fish and chips or pasty plate.


If you enjoy a good cider, you must try The Northman. It would make a perfect date night or great place to unwind after seeing patients all day. Grab a few friends, each try a different cider, and pick some cheeses for your cheese plate. You won’t be sorry.


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