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The Start of Something New

This is my first post and I’m honestly a little nervous. Firsts are always hard- the first day of a job, the first essay of the year, and Monday (always Monday). The first of anything means it is also the start, and we have a natural caution with beginnings. I think it’s because we are afraid of the unknown- of going into anything slightly blind to what the future holds. That’s probably where my nerves about my first post come from, but nerves are normal and so is excitement.

I’m genuinely looking forward to starting this blog. I want to share this experience with anyone who’s interested in hearing my stories, and I want to have a record of my journey that I can look back on.

The best way I can think to start this blog is to talk about what I want this space to be. I want this to be an honest place. I want to share all the small joys that will make Chicago my home, the lessons I learn, as well as the mistakes I will make so you don’t make the same ones… but maybe you will. Maybe that’s part of everyone’s journey. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that you can come here to find some comfort and joy.

Right now, I’m writing this blog post from halfway across the world in Dubai. This summer in Dubai has been really great! Temperatures have stayed around a hundred degrees and the humidity has been tolerable. I know a hundred degrees sounds like a lot, but this is relative to the typical Dubai summers where temperatures stay around a hundred and twenty degrees. This weather combined with my memories has made Dubai an incredible vacation spot.

I’m very eager to start school. However, it is a bit nerve-racking to think that I will leave vacation here and immediately start my new life. It’s a like one flight from Dubai to the start of my future!

I’ve never lived away from my family and I’m already starting to feel the sadness of the separation. I look at my parents more, really look at them, and think about them, their life, and our life together. My parents have worked hard and sacrificed a lot for me to get to this point. There are moments when I’m very aware of this fact, and this is one of those moments. I feel like a could spend the rest of my life being grateful for the support they’ve given me and it would not be enough. My plan is to spend as much of the time I have left here to be consciously aware of our time together and soak up as much of my family as I can.

I look forward to my education at ICO, to the adventure, and the start of my life in my new home!



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