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Three Down, Three to Go

We’ve been immersed in finals this past week and a half, and while I’ve definitely been studying, I’ve also been able to enjoy time with family and friends. My classmates and I have three final exams to complete by this week’s end, but we enjoyed a break after the first set of exams. With the American Academy of Optometry’s annual meeting taking place last week in Phoenix, we had a week off from school during which we mixed studies with recreation. I returned home for a few days that included minimal studying and the celebration the Muslim holiday of Eid ul’Adha. That the holiday coincided with the irregular break was perfect timing, and I was keen on getting dressed in traditional garb for a day of celebration and significance. The holiday honors the faith of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and the importance of the pilgrimage. After holiday festivities, I slowly returned to studies and schoolwork.

Looking back, it’s amazing how fast time has flown. In just four days, we’ll all be done with our first quarter here and in reaching this tiny big milestone, I can say that though it wasn’t easy, it was enjoyable and engaging. Between the challenge of exams every other day, I was often able to find time for fun and to venture downtown. Between schoolwork, dinners out, retail therapy and events, life was balanced. Almost every week and sometimes twice a week, my colleagues and I got together to play volleyball (not an IM sport in fall or winter), which was a gratifying and healthy distractor from exams. I even kept up with my favorite TV shows like “Downton Abbey” and “Revenge.” And while some nights were longer than others and days seemed to blend into one another, it was a great privilege to be studying with a group of peers who experienced your experiences and readily offered assistance and mirth along the way.

Today begins the next set of final exams, with physiology and pathology. And before we know it, the quarter will be officially over. And we’ll have 28 assessments behind us. Till then.


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