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"Truly Blessed"

I’ve been fortunate to use this blog as a platform to spotlight individuals at ICO who have inspired me in some way and who have something we could all learn from. Today, I would like to introduce you to a member of ICO’s Food Services team, Larry Sr.

Larry usually serves me dinner at the ICO cafeteria. During the past year when I’ve had the chance to interact with him, I’m always in awe by the amount of positive energy he radiates. I’m sure my second-year colleagues and others who have had the chance to interact with him can attest to this. Another thing that never fails to lift my spirit when speaking to him is his “truly blessed” response when asked how he is.

These two simple words “truly blessed” can be interpreted in many ways and have profound meanings. For me, these words signify gratitude and appreciation. Practicing gratitude in these small every day interactions is beautiful and contagious. During my first year, whenever I would have a bad day, these two words instantly made me feel much better. They shifted my mindset into being thankful for all that I have.

While on the topic of gratitude, I am thankful to be at a school like ICO. Aside from being able to learn from the highly esteemed faculty that give ICO its national reputation, I also get to be surrounded by individuals like Larry who teach important lessons that aren’t necessarily taught in class. Now that I'm a week into my second year, I know this concept of gratitude will be at the back of my mind and hopefully get me through the tough times to come.

Thanks, Larry!


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