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Hello faithful readers,

I wish I could preface this entry with something that could make my life seem less awesome… but I can’t.

I recently moved to Las Vegas for my winter quarter rotation and it has been an incredible ride since.  The first night I drove in from San Diego and was greeted with an evening of festivities that lasted past the desert sunrise. A group of ICO students originally from Vegas offered me a quick look at true local hospitality, which amounts to a lot of partying without the burden of budget.

A few days later, I took an impromptu road trip to Phoenix to visit a group of recent ICO grads. I figured, why not? Veteran’s Day honors our vets and the freedom they fought to protect, so I honored them through enjoying life and spontaneity. If that weekend was any kind of representation to life after school, then I can’t wait. We ate at a lot of great restaurants, went to the Desert Botanical Garden and explored the quaint but large city. And then we ate some more.

I got back just in time for my first day at my new site, the Las Vegas VA hospital. It’s a brand new facility with state-of-the-art equipment, and with the intense workload, I’m certain that I’ll become more efficient and confident in practice. This site seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for as I consider residencies. Great staff, great clinic, great city. My six fellow interns are also enjoying this unusually awesome experience that is fourth year. On day one, we sat down and came up with a laundry list of things to do while here. I am so happy that they are interning with me and that we are going to have an amazing time. Did I mention that they’re all females?

*high fives self*

That following weekend, I accompanied another ICO student who was attending her sister’s wedding in Vegas–as her delicious arm candy of course. Not knowing anyone at the ceremony or reception gave me an opportunity to stretch out of my comfort zone and meet new people, let them know we optometrists know how to party. Needless to say, I had a memorable and marvelous time.

The following day, I met and hung out with professional poker players Daniel Negreanu (pictured above) and Antonio Esfandiari (pictured below). No big deal. Got a chance to hang at Dan’s house, meet some interesting characters, and enjoy some delicious vegan food. They are very down-to-earth people who also have a zest for life, so I connected with them immediately. It was another evening of festivities that started at the Blue Martini and led to another desert sunrise.

Next came Thanksgiving weekend, which I spent back in San Diego. It was a much-needed vacation from the Vegas wildness. I recharged the batteries with good old family, food and fun.

A week and a half of clinic and studying for NBEO Part II ensued. This part of boards tests your clinical knowledge: diagnosis, management and treatment. I cracked down on my studies, declined all forms of social gatherings and pretty much just despised life. However, a few days ago, I took my absolute LAST TEST EVER! With ICO’s education blowing underneath my wings, I am confident that it went well.

So now here I am, even more carefree than I was before. If that was Vegas before boards, I can honestly say I’m a little afraid of Vegas after boards.


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