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What is SOLutioN?

When I joined the ICO Private Practice Club, I heard about this meeting called SOLutioNI really had no idea what it was, and to be honest, first year Jess was more concerned about passing classes. When I became the PPC’s president-elect, I learned more about what this meeting was really about. I was able to enter this amazing group and become a part of something that works to better optometry as a whole. Here’s what SOLutioN is:

SOLutioN is a meeting for the leaders of all of the optometry school private practice clubs in North America. It provides a truly amazing opportunity for the schools to connect and build a nation-wide network. Not only does this group give you a network, but also the people you meet at this meeting become some of your lifelong friends and colleagues.

This year, the meeting was held at Essilor in Dallas, Texas. This was my first time in Texas; I honestly enjoyed it way more than I thought I would! Each day of the conference was jam packed with lectures and activities for us to continue to learn more about optometry and private practice. Each evening was a dinner or event where we could continue to connect with each other as well as visiting speakers.

I was able to learn so much that I could bring back to ICO. Also, ICO won the 2017 Preston Cup, an award given to each year to an outstanding private practice club! I am very proud to be a part of this group. I can’t wait to share what I learned with the rest of ICO’s PPC!


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