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White Coat Ceremony Class of 20/20

The ICO class of 2020 just received our white coats and furthered our journey to becoming optometrists! I never realized the symbol of the white coat and how much it changes a perspective.

The white coat symbolizes all the hard work you put into getting into optometry school.

It represents all the tests you had to take, as well as the many more to come.

It symbolizes the sacrifices you had to make in order to achieve your goals, and the sacrifices you will make in order to serve others.

It represents the compassion, empathy and determination you will have to help provide care to patients.

It also means you cross the threshold from student to student clinician.

This is huge deal because from this point forward, I will have a part in patients entrusting me with their eye care. They will trust the knowledge I gain from ICO.

It isn’t about me anymore. I’ve heard these words and have taken them to heart, but I didn’t get to fully understand the imprint it left in my head. As I read The Optometric Student Oath, the words rang clear as I proclaimed my profession to optometry.

I’m excited and am looking forward to living out my Oath!


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