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A Trip to the John Hancock Center (Even the Restrooms have Great Views)

As of today, I’ve completed my first quarter as a second year student. In Dr. Frankenstein’s voice: “I’M ALIVE!!”

This is the first time in my history of taking finals at ICO that we had a whole week break between our finals because of the AAO meeting. It’s great that we got the extra time to study, but I definitely also needed the break to breathe, catch up on some sleep, and go hang out downtown.

I visited one of my favorite spots in Chicago, the John Hancock Center. People can pay $17.50 to visit the observatory on the 94th floor, but I was on the 96th floor in the Signature Lounge, and I’ve been told the view is the exact same. Also, the view was free, and I got to spend $17.50 on drinks instead. I would advise people to go early, as there was a huge line to go up.

When people visit me in Chicago, the Signature Lounge/Signature Room is definitely my top choice for a first stop. The food in the Signature Room on the 95th floor isn’t too expensive (around $30 for a dinner entree, cheaper for lunch) considering the amazing view. The windows go all the way from ceiling to floor! When I went, I loved the tuna tartare and the duck breast was splendid, but the best part of the evening was when our server actually gave us dessert on the house in honor of our party of Canadians visiting Chicago. Apart from the delicious chocolate truffle on a stick, which was amazing, I was touched by how welcome she made me feel as a Canadian here in America.

TIP: When it’s really crowded, or if you didn’t get a seat closer to a window for nice pictures, don’t fret. I advise females to visit the ladies room of Signature Lounge for pictures. I know it’s a little strange, but it actually gave the best view for me the night, I could see the whole city lit up.

(View from the ladies room)


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