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Breathe and Bust out those A’s!

Although I am only about 1 month into my optometry career, it has become pretty clear that obtaining my goal of becoming an eye doctor will be a lot of hard work! Take this week for example: we have 3 exams, a lab practical, and two quizzes. Although there is a lot to do, it isn’t too bad because I am still doing what I love.

The thing is, even though I enjoy what I am doing, it can still be hard not to get stressed out and overwhelmed. Have no fear though- I have some fun tips to help decrease that built up anxiety. My not-so-secret secret- exercise.


Exercise has always been a way for me to relieve some stress and it is a path I highly recommend. Along with this, I also recommend joining group fitness classes if you have the opportunity. Now I may be a little biased (I am a group fitness instructor) but I find that having an instructor present to push you and motivate you is the best part about group fitness. …Well, that and the fun music! Here at ICO we have a number of group fitness classes to choose from ranging from yoga to kickboxing. Whether you want to kick your worries away or relax in child’s pose there are plenty of choices for you.


I am currently teaching spinning and kickboxing and I love it. This is a great way for some of my classmates and I to take an hour break from studying and blow off some steam. Some classes are in the morning and others are taught in the afternoon (for those who aren’t really early birds.) Overall, you can find a schedule online or at the school stating the classes for the month. Again, it is by far my favorite way to blow of some steam and get ready to bust out those A’s. Come join!


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