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Chicago Fire Rec Soccer

Intramural sports is something I have always been involved in. I did something every season during undergrad, and that was still the case when I started at ICO. I have always found an escape through rec leagues and sports in general.

Here at ICO, we have a variety of sports throughout the year. What is unique about IM sports at ICO is that we compete with the other classes. This makes it very interesting, competitive, and fun. My favorite seasons of IM at ICO are the fall when we have outdoor soccer, and winter when we have indoor soccer. These seasons, along with basketball and flag football, I would say are the most popular.

As fun and competitive as IM soccer is at ICO, I wanted more. I wanted to find something that was available more than just two seasons out of the year and that had different competition. Fortunately, I was able to get involved in a league through the city of Chicago. A fellow classmate of mine (pictured to the right of the bearded guy above) was invited to play in Chicago Fire Rec Soccer by someone she went to undergrad with (pictured on the far left in the front row above) that is now working and living in Chicago. She was nice enough to extend the invitation to me so the two of us ICO students joined this team and played with a bunch of people we met this summer.

The league turned out to be a great time and, to top it all off, we made it to the championship game and won. The league is affiliated with the Chicago Fire and has a beautiful facility. It has a wide variety of leagues within the organization ranging from mens 11v11 to coed 7v7. After finishing the 7v7 coed league, and having such a good time, we decided to play in an 11v11 coed league that will go through the rest of the summer and into the fall quarter.

My favorite aspect of this league is that we were able to use an ICO connection to find a league outside of school to compete. The school does a good job of accommodating the needs of all students, but if there is something that the school cannot provide, the city of Chicago will sure be able to. I know for a fact there are volleyball leagues, basketball leagues, workout classes, and everything of the sort. Just do your research, ask an older student or professor and you will be given the direction you need.


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