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Chicago Food Truck Festivities

Nachos, donuts, pierogis, tacos, lobster, and the list goes on….

This past weekend I attended the Food Truck Festival on Wabash. Full of energy, good food and long lines, it was definitely a hit. The line to get onto the street with all the trucks was wrapped around the entire block. That’s when you know something good is cooking!

There were multiple trucks lining both sides of the block, as well as an area with tents full of drinks and a stage with a DJ. If you have ever been to a Chicago festival, you know they always go big, or go home.

I started the afternoon with a tray of pierogis filled with cheddar and potato. They were delicious. My next stop was the Carnival Truck’s famous crispy chicken sandwich with purple slaw. The line for this truck was short for a spilt second, so I jumped on it; I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. My next stop was a donut truck. I shared four mini s’mores donuts that were delectable.

After seeing many customers walk by with these extravagant, mouthwatering drinks, I finally asked where they were being sold. My next stop took me to the longest line of the festival: The Jar Bar. This tent had outrageous iced drinks with nerds, gummy worms, peachy-o’,s and more. You could get a large mason jar or a cored pineapple full of your favorite icey flavors and candy spilling over the edge. I was in this line for two hours, but I can honestly say, it was well worth the wait.

“adult pineapple special”

Whether you live here, travel to Chicago for the food, or just happen to be visiting, the Chicago Food Truck Festival is an event to definitely add to your list. The atmosphere and the excitement that filled the air the whole afternoon made me never want to leave. The long lines were just an excuse to meet and talk to someone new. Everyone enjoyed some laughs, watching the eagerness of customers race to get in line for the best foods. If you are ever looking for a study break, take a look at what is happening around your neighborhood. Chicago always has something to offer and never disappoints.


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