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Delivery during Finals


As most everyone knows, during finals week, we students pull all nighters and eat whatever is the easiest (I had McDonalds at least three times, twice in one day.) Some of us wear the same clothes every day, and we are lucky if we get five minutes away from our notes. This year for Halloween, we had to give up our costumes in exchange for the notes… but that doesn’t mean our dinnertime meal had to suffer! Instead, over finals, I learned/tried something new: Postmates.

Most people have probably heard of Postmates. It is the genius app that delivers Chiptole, McDonalds, and many upscale places to your door (control your excitement.)


The place I tried was the Soupbox. They are famous for their homemade soups, and the menu changes daily. I tried the chicken and wild rice soup and the chicken noodle. Unfortunately, I decided not to get the bread-bowl, but the side of homemade bread I got was delicious. This is definitely someplace I would recommend for when you are sick and miss your mother’s soup.


Postmates works similar to Uber, where you order what you want on the app or website, and a driver will pick it up for you. The best part is that it takes less than an hour to get your stuff or they will call you and let you know why it’s late. You can also order groceries, alcohol, or products from Walgreens.


Between GrubHub and Postmates, there is no reason why I need to leave my couch or my desk to explore what Chicago has to offer my taste buds.


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