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Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Nana


How do you celebrate being free of finals? I, of course, eat. My partner in eating saw a place on a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives episode that served Duck Confit Eggs Benedict. Sadly, after talking about this restaurant (Nana) since August, we found the menu. They have Duck Confit and Eggs Benedict, but unfortunately, they remain separated! However, we decided to try it.

There is good reason why Nana was featured on the show. Imagine a mix between an organic Mexican restaurant and a fancy coffee shop, and that’s the atmosphere you will find. When its Fall, I find it mandatory to have hot cider, and I have no complaints. For an appetizer, I recommend the avocado fries, but only if you like crispy avocados lightly battered, fried and dipped in some kind of chipotle lime sauce. It was so good that I couldn’t get a photo before the sauce was sampled.


For the entrée, I ordered the daily special of steak tacos. My partner got the Nanadict, which is eggs benedict with chorizo (a spicy sausage), popusas (instead of an English muffin), and a green sauce on top.

Nana is also very easy to get to from ICO. All you do is go west on 33rd, go straight until you can’t anymore, and its on your right. No traffic, and if you go on a Monday at 2:00, there is no wait (knock on wood).


I cannot wait to go back and try their other menu items. While their desserts sound good, we were too full to try anything. Maybe next time we won’t eat as much!


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