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EYE Scream for Ice Cream!

In my family, we always have two food necessities: ice cream and cereal. Of course, everyone has these two in the house, but we have an entire cupboard dedicated to cereals. As for the ice cream, lets just say, when the power goes out, we have to take a laundry basket of ice cream cartons to my grandma’s so they don’t melt.

Back home, I have my favorite places to get ice cream. Grand Ole Creamery makes homemade waffle cones and ice cream. Nelson’s gives kids’ cones (the size of my face) for $3.00. I love the small ice cream shops, especially if the ice creams are homemade.

Single Serve Ice Cream at Nelson's (MN)

Single Serve Ice Cream at Nelson’s (MN)

Since being in Chicago, I’ve been looking for my new favorite ice cream shop. I’ve tried Ghirardelli, which is very good, but the focus is definitely on their delicious chocolate; it is not someplace I would go if I just wanted a cone of ice cream.

However, there is hope! I finally tried a place called Cone Gourmet Ice Cream. They serve “the original plush horse ice cream,” which is handmade. They have chocolate and vanilla soft serve, and a bunch of other flavors- Monster Cookie, Corn on the Cob, Black Cherry Blast, Blueberry Cheesecake, etc. They have a bunch of optional toppings, too and at least ten different kinds of cones, including an Oreo sugar cone.

I decided to play it safe and tried the Monster Cookie. It included Oreos, cookie dough, and blue food coloring. It was delicious, and I will definitely go back.

I am not sure if Cone has the best ice cream in Chicago, but I have all summer to find out!


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