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ICO Blog Appreciation

I went through my fair share of looking up which potential optometry schools I wanted to apply to. I have to mention how much the ICO blog played a role in my choice.

Yes, we all read the booklets and brochures that ICO mails us, and we listen to the admissions recruiters speak to us, but the entire experience wouldn’t be complete without the ICO blog. The ICO blog features many students from each academic year expressing their stories and thoughts to the public. Their words are pretty much golden.

The bloggers live and breathe ICO every single day. They are the ones who either had to move many states or a country away to continue their education here. They had to make sacrifices from their families and friends to focus more on their schoolwork and well-being. When you see it all come together in a single blog post, you can see how being at ICO has affected the individual and how ICO does a very great job at piecing you together to become an optometrist. Even being in the city of Chicago has had a different effect on students.

I am and will always be inspired by the upperclassmen and optometrists whom have graduated before me. Mind you, I probably read your posts a thousand times before I entered the doors of ICO! I’m even in awe of the blog posts of my own classmates.

There are a lot of great things we have to say about ICO, and this blog does a great job at helping us express it all. Even though we spend most of our time in the lecture halls or studying in the library, there is something different about ICO that allows us to be proud and mindful of the institution that we chose; you can clearly learn why through all the blog posts we have here. We could have been at any optometry school, but we all chose ICO.

We hope to share that with you on this blog.


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