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Living in the RC or Off-Campus? That is the Question!

One recent Saturday afternoon, my friends and I decided to go apartment hunting. We wanted to check out some places we could live next year. …That is, if we decide to live outside the Residential Complex (RC.)

We headed to our first location, a 2-minute walk from school, only to discover 30+ more students checking out the same place. It felt like a field trip! We were all excited to do something different, shouting, “This will be my room!” “Wow!” “It’s so pretty!” “The kitchen is awesome!” We saw potential in each apartment. There were glimpses of what it would feel like to have our own places, to make each one feel like home.

After touring the building and the various types of apartments, we headed to another location. This time, we toured a house 5-7 minutes away from school. We immediately fell in love.

Based on this experience, here are a few things to consider before choosing the right place to live while attending ICO:

  1. Friendship Dynamics – Can you see yourself and your friends as a family, sharing a living space together?

  2. Location – Would you like to live close to school? It doesn’t get closer than the RC. Or, would you like a different setting that you could make your own? Do you want to be within walking distance, or would commuting from downtown be best for you?

  3. Convenience – Living in the RC is the most convenient option. It is the closest to school, with high security and no worries about utilities and all the extras that go along with renting.

  4. Freedom – Living on your own will give you more freedom and independence, but you’ll be living in a different kind of bubble. When you go “home,” it will feel like “going home.” No matter the location, you will have friends to support you.

These are just a few considerations to think about. Whether you live in the RC or off-campus, it is most important that you do what feels right for you. Follow your heart!

I would like to thank everyone that helped my friends and I in this process.

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