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No guilt at Gilt Bar

Looking for a great place to spend a special evening? I was surprised with a Sunday dinner out at the Gilt Bar in River North. Gilt Bar is part of the Hogsalt family, which includes Au Chevel, 3 Arts Club Cafe, Bavette’s, and many more. As a bonus, we had a gift card!


The atmosphere is a mix between romantic and edgy. The lighting was dim. There were large leather couches in the center of the restaurant, underneath a large string chandelier. We sat at a wooden table for two, lit by a candle.

The drink menu is filled with overly-expensive cocktails (think River North). We tried the original Moscow Mule and the Lillet Rosé Daisy (lillet rosé, vodka, lemon). Both we refreshing. There was also a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Martinis on the menu, as well as a long list of beers and wines.


We started with roasted garlic and balsamic with toast. If you love garlic, you will love this! There was also a mashed potato with chicken jus, and I have to admit, I loved it. I could have had the entire thing; I had to remember to share.

The house special for the night was a ribeye steak, (again, overpriced) that was delicious and came along with some kind of yellow steak sauce (it wasn’t on the menu, so I have no idea what it specifically was). Their garlic aioli, however, was a huge hit at our table. We also ordered the orecchiette (spicy pork sausage with garlic, parsley, and parmesan) which was good, but a bit spicy for me.


We ended the meal with brownies and cookies and cream ice cream covered in hot fudge. I can only try to explain how tasty everything was. I think the plates were practically licked clean before we left!

I would recommend saving this place for a very special occasion, like an anniversary or passing boards. It is not the cheapest place to eat in Chicago, though not as expensive as some of the other Hogsalt restaurants. We splurged because we had a gift card from Christmas, and we used it well.


In my opinion, the Gilt Bar is a great place to go if you want a side of mashed potatoes and brownies with ice cream. Just remember not to feel guilty afterwards!


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