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Southtown Sub

I recently read an article about the best subs in Chicago. To be honest, I wouldn’t trust the list. They left out one of the all-time favorite sub sandwiches of the ICO fourth year class: Southtown Sub.

Southtown Sub is a short walk from the school. Go south on Indiana, and once you hit 35th St., make a left and walk one block over. It is a small building with a yellow sign. They only take cash, but you can call and order before you get there.

Why do we fourth years love it? Three words: The Gym Shoe. The Gym Shoe is Southtown Sub’s golden boy. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love it. The sandwich consists of roast beef, corned beef, gyro meat, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, and Swiss cheese. It is topped with mustard, mayo, and Tzatziki sauce, all on grilled French bread. It comes in two sizes.

Southtown Subs also has burgers, chicken wings, pizza puffs, and about 100+ more things on the menu. However, don’t order plain french fries separately; each sub/burger/etc. comes with fries, and it’s a huge portion! (Side note: It also comes with a pop.)

The food here is greasy, has large portions, and is delicious. My only recommendation is to not go alone. 35th is not the best street, so we usually order ahead and pick up. Besides, they don’t have any seating besides a waiting bench. Eat up!


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