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Summer Reading with a Sprinkle of Optometry

At ICO, we have the summer after our first year off. This is definitively a great way to unwind after a busy year. One of my favorite things to do over the summer is read. It’s a great feeling to finally read something other than notes! Here is a list of some of my favorites summer books that I hope you will enjoy as well!

Game of Thrones

This series, originally called A Song of Ice and Fire, has blown up after it was transformed into one of the most popular television shows of all time. It is full of love stories, battles, magic, and betrayal. The books include details and allow you to jump into the thoughts of each character by dedicating a chapter per character. Even if you have already watched the show and feel like you know all there is to know, I still highly recommend the books, especially now that the show has begun to deviate from the novels.


The Selection Series

This is one of my favorites. The series is based on life in the future after the Fourth World War when the country is ruled by a monarchy. The books follow the journey of a young girl, America Singer, as she learns more about her world, her self, who she loves, and what the monarchy really stands for. The series also has a spin-off mini series based on each of the main characters. These books are the type that you can quickly become engrossed in and finish in a single night. If you’re a sucker for romance novels, these may be for you.


Books Related to our Profession

The Private Practice club at ICO has started its very own optometry and business related library. The group has begun to collect books recommended by different people in the profession. A few of these include Start with Why, Blue Ocean Strategy, and The E Myth Optometrist: Why Most Optometry Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It. The books are free for students to borrow and you can even take them home for the summer. There are also many more optometry related books available outside of the PPC library. This is a great way to step out of the classroom and learn more about the profession from a different point of view.


Regardless of what you decide to do with your summer (and even if you still have classes- shout out to the 2nd years,) try to take some time to enjoy the warm weather and relax when you can. Reading has always helped me unwind and if it does the same for you, I hope you check out some of these books. Let me know if you like them!


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