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Thank a Friend

The Beatles said it best,

“…Said I’m gonna make it with my friends (Ah, with a little help from my friends) Oh, I’m gonna keep on trying (Ah, with a little help from my friends) I’m gonna keep on trying (Ooh)”

On my recent quarter break vacation, I reflected on the crazy year I finished at ICO. My thoughts wandered from big practicals to clinical experience to taking anxiety-inducing exams. I would crack a smile when I remembered some of the tests that I survived by the skin of my teeth. My smile would get bigger when I thought about questions that would have sailed over my head, unless…

I had a friend who helped me remember that tough concept the night before the exam. I often thought to myself, mid-exam or after the fact, “Thank you!”

There is no way any student can make it through this program without some friends to help them along. Friends can help prepare for an exam, answer clicker questions, or spend countless hours in lab perfecting that one skill. I have had so much help from my friends that I am certain, without them, I would have failed out a long time ago.

I am grateful to them, and in return, I hope that I have helped them.

So, thank a friend.


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