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The 7 Best Doughnut Stores in Chicago

Embrace your inner Homer Simpson for this one, because Chicago serves up some of the most delicious doughnuts I have ever consumed!

In the beginning of Fall 2016, I was given a list of seven doughnut stores in the city. I made it my quest to not only try them all but also find out which one is the best. It was a great way to take a study break from ICO. With the help of a health-conscious accomplice, we completed the list over several months (with hardened arteries.)

The rules to determine the best doughnut:

  1. Get a control doughnut from each location. I chose the Old Fashioned because it is a doughnut standard.

  2. Get a 1/2 dozen to try the store’s individual specialties.

  3. Enjoy the flavors!

The list I was given had the stores in alphabetical order, but for this blog, I ranked them according to my tastes and experiences. Let’s do it!

7) Dat Donut – 8251 S. Cottage Grove Ave

The jelly-filled donut was tasty, but all the other donuts left me wanting more. They also serve super sized donuts which is hysterical. I suggest taking a car to get to this one.

6) Glazed and Infused– 30 East Hubbard Street

This was the first one I visited, so the nostalgia is real- especially that name! Alright alright alright. The doughnuts were fine and had some of the craziest varieties. Next door to this location is a restaurant that lets you build your own Bloody Mary’s.

5) Stan’s– 26 East Roosevelt Road (literally next to the CTA train stop)

An absolute must for all ICO students. The old-school vibe stands tall. I get a kick out of the retro-looking coffee machines, and all the employee shirts have “Stan” as their name tag. I have never had a bad doughnut from Stan’s; it’s consistent no matter the day or season.

4) Firecakes– 68 West Hubbard Street

The crust on these doughnuts (especially the Old Fashioned) is fabulous. The flavors are good, but the wow factor of Firecakes is… ICE CREAM DOUGHNUT SANDWICHES!!

3) Doughnut Vault– 401 North Franklin Street

For this one, it is recommended to get there early because they can and will sell out. When they are sold out, they close up for the day. I have had to wait in line every single time. This bakery is the smallest of the list. So, when I say it’s a hole in the wall, I literally mean it’s a hole in the wall. Delicious, but the jelly-filled doughnuts are the crown jewel.

2) Beavers Donuts– 131 North Clinton Street (French market)  or the food truck

Mini-donuts! They serve mini-donuts and I love it. I have visited the French market location, but I ordered from the food truck. The French market location has more options and flavors, but there was plenty of deliciousness to be had at the food truck. Since the food truck did not have Old Fashioned doughnuts, I had to break my rule and ordered sugar donuts… oh. my. goodness!

1) Do-Rite Donuts– 50 West Randolph Street

The instant one of these doughnuts touched my lips, I knew that this was the best. Everything about this shop and its doughnuts was superb, especially their funky flavors. I ordered a pistachio doughnut and it blew my mind. I will warn the reader that these doughnuts are not cheap dates, so be prepared!

Now, I need to find more delicious food to try! And as for the reader, wake up early and try something high in calories!


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