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The Chicago Food Truck Fest

In the last few years, there has been a surge of food trucks and the style of food cooked in those trucks. This past weekend, Chicago hosted a Food Truck Festival at McCormick Place. There were many different types of food trucks with a range of items available. The night before the event, we did our research and made a list of our top places to try. Some of the choices were Brughes Brothers, Cheesies, Beavers Donuts, Chicago Lunchbox, and more.


Kimchessy and Baowich

Out of the two days we visited the festival, I think we stopped at Yum Dum’s for their amazing kimcheesy rice balls too many times (maybe five servings!) They consist of cheddar jack cheese, house kimchi, and scallions topped with jalapeno sriracha mayo and cilantro. You should definitely find them. Yum Dum’s also serves baowiches and dumplings.


Yum Dum Dumplings

Our next favorite spot was Chicago Lunchbox. This place sells different Asian-style sandwiches, salads, and rice bowls. However, the real winner at this stop was the fire rangoons. Imagine a cream cheese wonton or crab rangoon, but the inside is like a mild cream cheese jalapeno popper.


Fire Rangoons

If you like Indian food, definitely check out Naansense. You get to pick the meat, sauce, and either a wrap (think a naan burrito) or rice bowl. I tried the chicken tikka masala wrapped in naan.



I also want to give a few other shout outs to the Slide Ride, which made fantastic mini burger sliders, and Beaver Tails, which made mini donuts (yum!).


Mini Donuts

The moral of this story is to get out and explore the streets of Chicago. Try different foods along the way! This was just a small list of the places to try, so if you discover another truck, let me know.


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