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The Wonders of Winter

We resumed classes this week following a two-week winter break. Whenever winter break comes around, one of my best friends and I always meet up to do something seasonal. Nine times out of ten, that wintery activity is ice skating followed by lunch and maybe a side of shopping. This year, we made plans to check out Maggie Daley Park, just east of Millennium Park.

Maggie Daley Park opened on Dec. 13 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was named in honor of the late wife of Chicago’s former longtime mayor, Richard M. Daley. The 20-acre park features a winding “skating ribbon.” With a surface area of 27,500 square feet of ice, it’s nearly twice the size of a traditional rink and makes for a great race course.

My friend and I checked out the park on a Sunday morning and it was filled with countless eager skaters. Thankfully, we had our own skates and avoided the long line for rentals. I love how it’s not like a typical circular rink where all you can do is skate in endless and sometimes boring loops. The ribbon coursed through the park and took us up and down hills and around sharp turns all while offering us beautiful views of the city.

This park is definitely a must visit! I’m excited to check it out again in the spring when it’ll be completely open with rock climbing, and enchanted forest and more.


The lamp strewn path into Maggie Daley Park


A very crowded ribbon with a long line of people waiting to get skates 


Interesting sculpture in the middle of the course


A scenic view of the city on the walk out of Maggie Daley Park


Ice skates laid to rest 


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