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View from the Signature Room at the 95th

When the daylight is short and the winter is cold and long, it is easy to hibernate inside your home. With various activities to do in Chicago, the winter doesn’t have to feel so suffocating. Knowing it’s my last winter here in the city before I embark on externships, I feel like I have to explore everything it has to offer.

Having only a few hours of daylight gives more time for the city skyline to glow. One of my favorite activities to do, especially during the cold months, is going to the John Hancock building’s ‘Signature Room at the 95th.’

Not only is the view phenomenal, the Signature Room also serves amazing food and cocktails. The 95th floor serves as the perfect vantage point for embracing the beauty of the city. Looking down through the windows makes you feel so small in the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

On one side of the lounge, when looking out you can see where the city ends and the lake begins. Infinite darkness on the other side of Lake Shore Drive gives a great perspective to Chicago’s premium location.

The darkened atmosphere inside the lounge allows you to perfectly view the surrounding grid pattern of the city. There are unbeatable views from every angle.

Day or night, rain or shine, the Signature Room is something you can still enjoy all year round. Grab only the best to accompany you on a night out and to keep you warm on a chilly evening.

Chicago’s beauty is waiting. Get out there and explore!


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