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Views from the Top- Cindy’s Top!

With the many hours dedicated to optometry, it always refreshing to get out and enjoy the beautiful city of Chicago. I have made one particular rooftop restaurant my top favorite reward after a difficult test or long clinic shift.

They call it “the jewel in the crown of The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel.” The aesthetics and décor, the one-of-a-kind panoramic view, and the luxurious menu choices were only a few of the many reasons I made a reservation at Cindy’s. If you have yet to make it there, you are in for a treat.

Down to every detail, Cindy’s has no competition. The menu is crafted to complement each season. The drinks fall under the titles: potions, elixirs, apothecaries, tisanes, mocktails, and spirits. Even with a wide variety of choices, each drink, platter, and dessert is perfectly fashioned to please every one of the five senses.

Lit by the natural sky light during the day, and the cityscape by night, this atmosphere is elegant, fresh and keeps you wanting more. Cindy’s adds a fresh perspective to the various landmarks on Michigan Avenue including Millennium Park, Cloud Gate, and Lake Michigan. The picnic tables and large family style seating make you feel relaxed and comfortable within a very sophisticated and classy venue.

Next time you are out and about the city of Chicago, take the time to make this restaurant one of your top locations to stop. Celebrate passing that first test, acing a practical or just simply for getting through another week. Stories of the hotel’s history seep through the walls as you travel upwards to the rooftop. Gather your friends and family for an incomparable rooftop experience. And let the backdrop of all your souvenir photos do all the talking.


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