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Wrigleyville Victory Crawl

In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. As you can imagine, this sent the city of Chicago into a celebratory frenzy. Unfortunately, due to the timing of finals week, the majority of the students at ICO were unable to attend games and festivities. It wasn’t until the break week that we finally participated in the celebration.

I decided to stay in Chicago during our break to participate in the “Wrigleyville Victory Crawl.” The crawl took place in Wrigleyville, which is a neighborhood that I am not very familiar with. I have been to a few Cubs games there over the past several years, but I have never really spent time at any of the restaurants or bars around the stadium. After spending the day in Wrigleyville, I have a much better sense of the area.

The (extensive) list of bars on the crawl included:

Full Shilling 3724 N Clark Casey Moran’s 3660 N Clark Murphy’s Bleachers 3655 N Sheffield Cubby Bear 1059 W Addison Sports Corner 956 W Addison St Vines 3554 N Clark Sluggers 3540 N Clark HVAC 3530 N Clark Barleycorn 3524 N Clark Moe’s Cantina 3518 N Clark Merkle’s 3516 N Clark Old Crow 3506 N Clark Deuce’s 3505 N Clark Stretch 3485 N Clark NOLA 3481 N Clark Roadhouse 66 3478 N Clark Bar Celona 3474 N Clark Rockwood Place 3466 N Clark Country Club 3462 N. Clark Clark St. Beach 3419 N Clark BEER 3415 N Clark Houndstooth 3369 N Clark Redmond’s 3358 N Sheffield Trader Todd’s 3216 N. Sheffield Shakers 3160 N Clark

Of course, there is no way that anyone could go to all of these over the course of the crawl. I only went to three: Barleycorn, Deuce’s, and Old Crow over the course of the day. I would recommend them all to anyone who wants to check out Wrigleyville. Barleycorn is pretty famous, so naturally, it is very busy all the time-especially during a Cubs event. Old Crow has a cool patio that overlooks Wrigley Field. It also has really good BBQ. Deuce’s caters to a younger crowd. It has two levels. The bottom level is more of a sports bar, while the upper level is more of a lounge. I had the most fun at this place.

It was really cool to be a part of the Cubs celebration. Wrigleyville was busy all day with people coming out to celebrate the end of the 108 year drought. I know the city does events like this all over Chicago throughout the year. These events are usually in the popular neighborhoods of Chicago and involve famous bars and restaurants. It really is a great way to get to know a particular area. If you are interested in doing an event like this, click here!


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