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Cost-Efficient Self Care for ICO Students

SPOIL YOURSELF TODAY … On a Student Budget

Being in grad school can take its toll on your body and mind. You need to make sure you are finding time to take care of yourself! Here are my FAVORITE cost-efficient pampering techniques to help you relax and unwind after a stressful week of classes, tests, and homework:

1. Face mask – Face masks have been a ritual for me for many years. They not only make my skin super soft, but they are also a nice way to relax right before bed. There are a ton of different options, but the kind I prefer is a simple sheet mask. Sheet masks are practically mess-free and are easy to remove compared to other types of masks. They come in all different scents and are designed to treat your skin for a large spectrum of conditions (dry skin, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.) I like to get a variety pack to switch things up. I buy mine on Amazon for super cheap: My favorite sheet masks

2. Eye mask – A cold eye mask is a great way to reduce puffiness around your eyes (which most often is a trademark look for sleep-deprived students.) It also has an added benefit of non-medicinal headache relief. The best part is, they are reusable; you just pay one time (most are easily found for under $20) for an endless amount of comfort. Here is the link for a really cool mask with great coverage for both eye and headache relief: Eye mask

3. Long, warm bath – Bath bombs seem to be  all the rage these days and you can find them practically everywhere. For under $5, they come in all shapes and colors. Some even have glitter or dried flowers within them. It is hard to go wrong since all of them provide an additional comfort to your bathtime, but here’s a link for my favorite brand: Bath bombs

Splish splash 🛁

4. Anti-stress comfort wrap – This handy little invention is a complete lifesaver. It is super easy to use (and again, reusable) to provide instant relief. They are designed to wrap around your neck and sit on top of your shoulders, which is especially great for us students who are always hunched over a desk studying. All you have to do is throw it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then, sit back and enjoy as all of your neck/shoulder tension releases. The one I got is a little more expensive than the other options because it is infused with the added benefit of aromatherapy; an amazing lavender/chamomile scent is released with every use. Anti-stress comfort wrap

SIDE NOTE: I have also used this on other parts of my body for sore muscles after a workout or my lower back after a long day of studying. It still works like a charm.

Hope you give some of these methods a try, but also comment below with your own go-to methods for relaxation!


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