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Joffrey Ballet’s “Othello”


Taking a diversion from studies by venturing downtown is always a welcome idea when possible. Last weekend marked the last “free” weekend my classmates and I have this year. Our spring quarter final exams begin Saturday and continue through to next Saturday. And in a mere 10 days–albeit ones that will certainly drag on and on–our first year at ICO will be completed.

Last Friday, a group of us attended a performance of the Joffrey Ballet’s “Othello” at the Auditorium Theatre in the Loop, a short 20-minute trip by bus from campus. We got there an hour before showtime to purchase “student rush” tickets. Normally, tickets range from $31 to $152, but we bought ours for $15. Our seating was in the 300 level, but by some luck, one of us received a ticket of the same price for seating on the floor level. When the curtains rose, we enjoyed a truly stellar experience, made amazing by the expressive acting and heightened drama.

The world-class Joffrey dancers performed “Othello” in three acts. The story is classic Shakespeare: love and jealousy, deceit and betrayal, drama and tragedy. Assisted by great costumes and captivating music, the dancers beautifully expressed the tale of the Moor of Venice, in a way that put us at the edge of our seats and made us want to take ballet.


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