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Halloween in Chicago

Halloween is just around the corner! Being from Massachusetts, I love Halloween. I grew up taking trips to Salem to explore where the Witch Trials were held; it’s an awesome place around the Halloween season! When I moved away from Massachusetts, I was nervous that one of my favorite times of year would no longer be as much fun. Lucky for us at ICO, we get spend most of the fall season in Chicago- and there is a lot to do.

Boo Bash

This is an ICO-specific event for Halloween. In the past, we have had finals on the actual holiday, which is part of the reason why the event was created. Traditionally, Boo Bash is held the weekend before finals begin. However, this year we are actually on break during Halloween. That doesn’t mean the event is cancelled, though!

Boo Bash 2016 will be held at Maxbar & Bamboo Lounge. Students go all out, dressing up for the event and having a lot of fun before the anxiety from finals kicks in! ICO puts a lot of effort into making events like this fun for students. Graduate school is tough, and it’s important to let loose every once in a while.

Downtown Events 

ICO isn’t the only place that plans Halloween events. There are also many held around the city of Chicago. There are magic shows, pumpkin patches, festivals, haunted houses, and more!

Navy Pier, a Chicago attraction that is popular regardless of the time of year, works hard to get into the holiday spirit. The pier is decorated with spooky displays and offers a variety of events for Halloween weekend. The festivities range from trick-or-treating to a Halloween ball held in the grand ballroom.

In addition to the options at Navy Pier, Lucky Strike, a popular location for bowling and food, hosts a Halloween party. The evening includes drinks, dancing, and bowling. Costumes are encouraged and the fun doesn’t end until 2 a.m.!

Here is a website that lists some of the events happening this year:

Fall is a time full of pumpkin spice, cider, and trick-or-treating. You’re never to old to have some fun on Halloween. We are lucky that we can take a break from the books, step out into the city, and embrace the season!


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